Armored self-propelled railroad car D-37 with D-38 turret was developed in USSR in 1932. It was designed for railroad tracks protection as well as scout car for armored trains. D-37 had unibody welded from 6-12 mm armored plates. 40 h.p. Ford engine was located in the lower part
while armament was located at the top. It was manned by 6 troops. D-37 was able to move with the same speed forward as well as backwards.
Armament consisted of 76mm (1927) gun and two side machine guns (DT). Anti-aircraft weapon station with twin 'Maxim' machine guns was fitted in the rear of the compartment closed by two-part hatch. The hatch was opened for combat and station was raised up. It was never entered production but served as a base for more advanced armored car DT-45.
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Tupe 23.9.2009 20:11 Vastaa lainauksella
Siim I like the overall worny look of your train, but the yellowish whitewash looks odd to me. Maybe you could have done some ground under the tracks too?
Tuomas Hirvilammi kirjoitti:
Maybe you could have done some ground under the tracks too?
Thank you for the comment, and a little diorama is coming.
Jani S 23.9.2009 21:03 Vastaa lainauksella
It was never entered production
So, never production but is the prototype really be built and used? Or has this been only on the paper? I mean that is there a real thing served on any front? Would be nice to have a few words about the history, if this is used on any combats.
Unfortunatelt no prototypes were built, its hard to tell much about D-37, because this little information is everything I could find from the internet.