PBY-5A Catalyna Revell 1/48

The beautiful 1/48 Revell amphibious Catalyna in French post WWII markings, serving in former french colonies


Those pictures are great, and the model too! : )
Oui,it is beauty,Catalina is propably worlds most beautiful seaplane.(I am big fan of amphibious aeroplanes).About that revell kit,was it good quality?Have you done extra detailing (etches,resin parts or scratchbuilding) in this one?
Good evening (or morning) sunlight in photos,goes nicely with colour of the plane.
Juuso 5.8.2008 00:02 Vastaa lainauksella
Very nice, as like all of your other models too!

Thanks for your comments !

The kit in itself is a real beauty. I added some Eduard photoetched sets inside, but they really do not show, so I am not sure they really are necessary…
Richard, nice looking plane you got there! I like how you've done weathering. Any hints how you've done it?
My fav as well in seaplanes. This is huge, right? I'm planning to do one 72-scale in Swedish colors :)

Beautiful Catalina! Did it need any extra nose weight so that it sits properly?
And by the way - your garden looks very nice too :-)
Nice Catalina, painting is just smooth work. I never going to be good painter like you.
To Niko, Thanks for your comment ! About the weathering, it is a wash that I have airbrushed and then gently wiped off in the airflow way. The kit's wingspan is more around 50 cm in 1/48.

To Sergeant Steiner, Tjanks also ! It needed A LOT of extra weight in the nose, because the gravity point is very much at the rear ! And thanks for the garden too ! My wife looks after that far better than I do ;-)

To Joni, thanks ! Do not worry, I promise that it really is very simple to paint that way, reachable for everyone of us, experience is the best way to achieve such a result.
It's not the most beautiful Catalina (I prefer a model without tires and the radar and with a cylinder-looking bow gun turret instead of the eyeball), but this one does look great. I especially like the color scheme you have used.
beutiful made catalina,very nice
Miicam 3.9.2008 18:23 Vastaa lainauksella
Quel belle avion! Un peu différent des autres ici. My french ain't very good :D sorry for that..
Merci (Thank you !)