Heinkel He111-H22 1/48 Revell

I built this Heinkel 111 diorama a long while ago

The 1/48 kit is from Revell/Monogram. Aires cockpit.
Kübelwagen is in resin from Hungary (I do'nt remember who's the manufacturer…)

The dio itself is made out of plaster and wood white glue for the soil, wood, matches, artificial heki grass.


Tupe 4.8.2008 23:00 Vastaa lainauksella
Awesome! I like the wooden walls. How large is He-111 at 1/48 scale?
Thanks for your comment !
Wingspan is 47 cm
length is 37 cm
Interesting colour scheme and well done paint job:) Nice diorama idea with bomb shelter. Is there something guided missle on the ground just behind the He-111 wings - Henschel Hs-293A-1-missle?
Hi JJ,
It is not a HS293A1 Missile. The underwing weapon is a V1. These He111 were based in Venlo in the Netherlands by the end of 1944, they were designed to increase the cruise distance of the V1s, that were sent against England.
Jere H 5.8.2008 00:30 Vastaa lainauksella
The weathering is great, not too strong. What kind of paints you used for the camouflage of heinkel? I have he-111 too, but it is not a V1 version.

I used Gunze acrylic (water) paints.
Then wash of oil paints thinned with lighter (Zippo) petrol.

Thanks for your comment
Well done model and diorama. Are the figures from some set?
Juho M. 5.8.2008 16:49 Vastaa lainauksella
Wonderful diorama richard! That camo is brilliant!
Hi there Richard!
Nice going, man!! The camo is really nice. Maybe a little dust on the ground would be right? I also miss alittle weathering to the woodwork. Anyway, it's wonderful! Keep up the good work!
Thank you all again for these nice comments !

To Saku, the figures are a mix of some from the kit, and the officer was coming with the Kübelwagen resin kit.

To Juho, I also appreciate this camo, I had to do it ! It is a RLM70 / RLM71 usual splinter, plus some grey splotches oversprayed. The underxing is blue RLM65.

To Seppo, I do agree with you, I could add some weathering to the floor and the wood.


wow…nice done diorama…great
Eero 8.8.2008 12:48 Vastaa lainauksella
Santeri P 4.11.2009 12:44 Vastaa lainauksella
wow nice