Hi guys!
This is my latest diorama. Tiger I tank is Italeri kit No.6507, Pz. Kpfw. IV Tiger I Ausf. E, Mid production. The track links that come with the model are terrible and it is also visible in pictures. Figures are Dragon kit No.6194, Panzergrenadiers Wiking Division.


Jermakki 14.12.2017 19:11 Vastaa lainauksella
Tere Ivar, nicely build Tiger and well performed figures, but… for early winter i would expext more snow on modelbase or for late winter much more wornout wintercamo. Any way nice work.
Nätti tiikeri ja hyvin toteutetut figut, mutta… alkutalven dioon kaipaisin enemmän lunta tai lopputalveen kuluneemman talvikamon. Joka tapauksessa hyvää työtä.
Hi Aivar!
Nice Tiger. Like the one from the movie "White Tiger". Model base and figures are very well detailed. Keep on modelling!

Best Regs.
Kiitos Jermakki!

Thanks Jermakki!
This is my first attempt to make winter dio. You are right about wornout! I made a big mistake with that I painted winter camo on to the top of the dark yellow. I got that when I started make scratches and wornout. Tiger color for winter camo would have to be panzer gray (my opinion). The yellow color with the winter camo does not look realistic, but I did`t start repaint it.
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Thank you a lot Kalle!